3d Glasses for Mobile When Wearing Already Glasses





Introduction: 3d Glasses for Mobile When Wearing Already Glasses

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I purchased this cheap 3d glasses for mobile phone, but I can't use them because I am wearing allready glasses.

My lens strength is +1,5 diopter.

Without my own glasses the picture is completely unsharp :(

The model is from Ritech 3d and the price is 18$

Step 1: Closeup Lenses

I used 2 Closeup lenses +8 with 52mm for fotography

Step 2: Fixing the Close Up Lenses

I glued them inside the VR glasses, with the thread face down, using hotglue

Step 3: Test

Now it works.

The picture is now sharp. Another positive effect is that the picture is now min. 2 times bigger.

It's now like sitting in the first row in a cinema and enjoying an 3D movie. :)



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