3d Instructables Robot - Sketchup


Introduction: 3d Instructables Robot - Sketchup

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3d model of the Instructables Robot in SketchUp

He is available as a free download from the 3d Warehouse.
Download the Robot

SketchUp is a free downloadable 3d Modeling program.
Free Download - SketchUp

I've used a lot 3d Modeling programs and most are work and terribly confusing.

SketchUp is FUN.

It took about 4 hours to build the robot.

He is uploaded in the 3d Warehouse. You can download him and open him in SketchUp.



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    Your computer skills top even my wildest dreams of understanding computers. The slide show you've made is wonderful!! :0) I think it should run on the home page of Instructables!

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    Meh, I know... The Demo is free! (mind you, you have to keep pressing the button every 30 seconds. Totally worth it in my opinion...)

    . I don't normally install apps just to look at one file, but I went ahead and installed SketchUp 7. Glad I did.

    It is a lot of fun. I find it is so easy to prototype in it. That's how I ended up doing this. I was doing a robot toy and was trying to work out the mechanics with SketchyPhysics. I just decided to finish up the robot as a model and publish him. I'm sure lots of people would have fun with it. SketchyPhysics is a free plug in that adds solids, all kinds of joints, hinges and motors and fully operational gravity. That is really addicting. Works too.

    Please provide a link. I tried all of the SketchUp pulldowns, I tried their Web site, nothing. Lots of things people have put into the 3D Warehouse which require SketchyPhysics, but no reference that I could find to the entity itself :-(

    No, I'm on MacOSX (10.5.6). When I went to the Web site, it was pretty clear that it was Windoze-only, and provided only a .zip file. I'll check again...

    Oh! I just realized you were talking about SketchyPhysics. Sketchup is Windows and Mac. I hadn't realized that SketchyPhysics was Windows only. Sorry about that.

    . Sketchup is Win and Mac, but according to the SketchyPhysics web site: "SketchyPhysics is a plugin for Sketchup (Windows Only)."