3d Print Clay in 2 Colors

Introduction: 3d Print Clay in 2 Colors

how to print mixed porcelain in 2 colors

Step 1: Choose the Materials

to mix the clay, we have to choose the same kind of porcelain (high or low firing temperature) to avoid fails during the firing.

Step 2: Mixing

I use a Wasp clay kit to print in clay with a delta printer.

to prepare the clay, I usually mix the porcelain with 5% distilled alcohol. alcohol is better then water in this case because it evaporates quickly and allow to make the base of the 3d printed part solid in few minutes and prevent the collapse.

Step 3: Pressuring the Tank

Wasp clay kit, work with a pressure and mechanical system.
the tank have inside the clay and a piston and work with 4 to 6 bars of pressure.
the pressure create a kind of vortex in the tank and in the exit tube the 2 kinds of porcelain are mixed casually

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    wilhelm feichter
    wilhelm feichter

    3 years ago

    das finde ich eine tolle idee, ich habe noch keinen keramik 3d drucker

    Bin aber auf der suche. gratuliere