3D Printable Phone Dock

The 3D Printable Phone Dock/Stand

Hello, My name is Zane, I am entering this into the 3D Printing contest!

This was designed to hold your phone on a desk or table so that it will stand there and charge. You should also be able to see the phone's screen if you get a notification. The charging cable will go in the back of the base and run in the middle of the stand up to the bed..

There is also a lip around the base so you Coins, notes, or anything that would fit that you need on your desk!

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Step 1: The Video Used to Show the Whole Model

Here is almost a whole 360 degree of the model.

Step 2: Where the Phone Will Sit.

This is the 'bed' where the phone will sit standing up and could possibly be charging

Step 3: Cable Hole

This is the back of the dock where the phone charger will slide through.

Step 4: 3D PRINT IT!

Now it's time to print it!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! Have you printed this yet? If you do, it would great to see a real life photo of the finished dock.

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    Hello @Seamster, the two 3D printers I can access will not print this large. They print like 4x4" but I need something around 6x6" to print the whole dock. I will try to see if I can rescale it smaller just to print it to show that it would work if I could print a bigger size. I will keep everyone updated!