3d Printable Tinkercad Sunflower Planter

Introduction: 3d Printable Tinkercad Sunflower Planter

Hi! The 3D Sunflower planter was designed in Tinkercad. I wanted the planter shape to be inspired by nature, so i chose the shape of sunflower.

Step 1: Designing

I Started by placing a cone on the work plane: top radius =10, base radius=6, height=20, sides=16.Next I duplicated the cone (dimension of duplicate: top radius =8, base radius=4, height=15, sides=16) and moved the duplicate to the top of the first cone.I grouped the two objects together.

Step 2: Adding Sunflower Petals

Find the sunflower shape, from shape generators(All), and drag the shape on workplane.Set number of fans=16, height =1 and place the shape on top of the cone.Duplicate the sunflower, place it below of the original and rotate it with 11 degrees.Ungroup the first goup. Finally I sellect al shapes and grouped them all.

Step 3: 3d File



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    That looks great. If you print it out please take a pictures and post it.