3d Printed Light and USB Cube




Introduction: 3d Printed Light and USB Cube

A device that lights up or provides USB power (or both) depending on Cube orientation.

I found it useful to charge my phone and/or to provide dim soft light.

Step 1: Electronic Parts

Parts needed:

  • Piece of protoboard
  • 2 tilt switches
  • 2 Resistors, 4k7 & 1k.
  • 2 NPN transistors
  • 1 USB light cluster
  • 1 USB Female connector
  • 1 5V power source
  • (Optional) 4 2.8mm x 15mm self tapping screws

Step 2: 3D Print It

Files attached here. I used:

  • PLA
  • Perimiters - 1 (for the box)
  • Top and Bottom layers - 2
  • Infil at 20%

Your 3D printer settings may vary .

Step 3: Assembly

Build as per the schematic. The switches are the tilt switches.

Operation: The Circuit works buy closing the tilt switches by gravity depending on their orientation. I found that arranging the tilt switches at a spacing angle of 80 deg allows triggering in the correct plane of rotation. Test before committing to final assembly.

Each switch allows current to flow to the NPN transistor which in turn allows current to flow to either the light or the USB port.

Attach the light facing inwards of the cube and use hot glue to support in place. There is a space for the USB port which needs attaching too. (see stl files in next step).

Power comes from the 5v source (Any old phone charger for eg. will do). Connect the plus to VCC and negative to ground.

Step 4: Enjoy

The End.

Step 5: Possible Hack

If you would like more USB current replace the transistor with a MOSFET or IGBT. The resistor to the Gate/Base may need changing too.

Current is also limited by the power supply chosen.

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    2 years ago

    That's pretty fun :) This would be a neat night light!