3d Printed Nightlight "Funny Kitten"

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Intro: 3d Printed Nightlight "Funny Kitten"

Nightlight "Funny kitten" for our favorite kids.

It is simple to make and safe for children.

In this, it was chosen powered by batteries and completely closed case.

LEDs arranged in a circle form a beautiful pattern.

And in the daytime, it's just a happy kitten on the wall.

I use the DC-DC Converter 0.9V to 5V for full use of a single battery

The case is printed on the 3D printer.

Step 1: We Need:

1. 3D printed case.
2. 11 LEDs 5mm diameter.

3. Soldering.

4. Wire.

5. Switch.

6. 350mA LED Driver NSI50350AS


7. DC-DC Converter 0.9V to 5V (on ebay or similar)

8. One battery AA 1.5V

Step 2: 3D Printing Case.

Print the box.

The top cover is printed with the change of the filament during printing.

Step 3: Assemble LEds and Battery.

Form wires LEDs in the same direction, as shown in the picture.
Put them in a box inside the perimeter.

Solder together all the LEDs in parallel connection.

Make contacts for batteries. Use any a thick wire.

Step 4: Assemble Electronic Parts.

Put the switch and converter in the case

Contact "+" battery, connect to the input of the converter.

Contact "-" battery connect to the switch.

Solder the LED driver on the converter board, as in the photo. Note the polarity of the LED driver.

Connect all the "-" leads of LEDs and converter.

Connect the a negative wire to the second terminal of the switch.
Connect the output of the LED driver to the LED positive leads.

Step 5: Final Assembly the Device.

Turn on the device.

Use a bit of glue.
You can use different designs for the top cover. As in the photo.

Surprise your kids a cute gift!



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