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About: Hello! My name is Tetiana. One of my hobbies is 3D printing. My work covers various areas of engineering to the decorative. You can see my models on the sites: http://www.thingiverse.com/TanyaAkinora/about

From time to time we all take different medicines.
Often we forget to take a pill on time. Pill Dispenser invented for such cases.

I created a universal dispenser that will help you or your family exactly adhere to the instructions of the doctor and take pills in time.

Thanks to 3D printing we have a beautiful and functional device.

Dispenser contains seven cells on the three segments for the daily administration and eighth cell to unallocated drugs. Multi-colored cell will allow you to navigate by day of week.

Step 1:

Dimensions 160-120-13mm dispenser.

We print all the details of the dispenser.

Step 2:

Putting the middle part and the cell.

Step 3:

The assembled design is inserted into the box.

Step 4:

We place the tablet into cells.

Close the top cover.

The top cover is made of translucent plastic that we could see the number of tablets in the dispenser.

Step 5:

Rotate the cover that would take the pill.

Tilt the dispenser toward the of the tray.

Cells are rotated an appropriate level due to the ratchet housing.

I printed ABS filament. You can print PLA.

You can use the dispenser for taking vitamins or medications that are prescribed by a doctor.

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