3d Printed Prosthetic Hand

Introduction: 3d Printed Prosthetic Hand

This is a Complete 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand using 6 Servo motors, Arduino UNO and Gait shield. Read and follow the instructions to build your own prosthetic hand.

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Step 1: Components Required

3D printer

PLA filament

Arduino uno (1)

Gait shield (1)

Servo motor 6001HB ( 5 qty )

Micro Servo (1)

Servo Accessories

Servo extension cables (6)

Battery li-ion 7.5 volt (1)

M2x5 screws (10)

M2x10 screws (10)

M2x15 screws (10)

M2 nuts (30)

Fishing net (5 metres)

Cotton thread (5 metres)

To buy Gait shield


Step 2: 3D Printed Hand Design

There are totally 9 Components to be printed in the 3D printer. I have listed them down below one by one,

1. E5P1

2. Fingerdesign_ALL

3. Forearm9-1

4. Forarm_9-2

5. Forarm_9-3

6. Hand5

7. Hand5Thumb3

8. Servo_Hold

9. ServoHorn

The .stl files of the concerned parts are listed down below. So download and print your own prosthetic hand.

Step 3: Hand Assembly

After 3D printing all the parts, assemble them as shown in the image attached below in the description.

Use M2 screws and nuts to tighten the and fix the components together.

Servo horn that is 3D printed must be attached with the servo arm to attach it with the servo motor to pull the fingers down. (P.S. The tension between fingers and servo must be in a proper manner).

Use the Cotton threads to attach all the fingers portions together.

Only one micro servo needed for the thumb finger movement and all other servo motors are same.

Using metal and plastic geared servos together may result in malfunctioning or sometimes board might get heated up or it won't work properly so be aware of that and don't mix plastic and metal gears together.

Step 4: Assembly and Coding

Connection between the servo motors with the Arduino UNO and Gait Sheild

Servo 1 ----> B1 to Gait Shield ---> Index Finger

Servo 2 ----> B2 to Gait Shield ---> Middle Finger

Servo 3 ----> B3 to Gait Shield ---> Pinky and Next middle finger

Servo 4 ----> B4 to Gait Shield ---> Thumb finger

Servo 5 ----> L1 to Gait Shield ---> Thumb Rotation (Small Servo)

Servo 6 ----> L2 to Gait Shield ---> Elbow Rotation

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Really amazing project, I want to make A right hand can you share the stl file for that. Thank you