3d Printing Jewellery

A sphericon is the solid formed and It is constructed from a double cone with an apex angle of 90 degrees, by splitting the bicone along a plane through both apexes, rotating one of the two halves by 90 degrees, and reattaching the two halves.

This instructable is designed for 3d printing jewellery with some computer knowledge in 3d printing technology

3d printable Bracelet, which is designed in voronoi style in a

blender 2.77 this jewellers is ready to 3d printing in 3D hubs

Step 1: Photos and Files

Some photos and files added

Step 2:



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    Reply 2 years ago

    Sorry it is a metallic structure. In face a quick search for Sphericon shows me a body of work done by John Malcolm which looks suspiciously the same.


    2 years ago

    so cool! :)