3d Printing Personal Costume Key Case, New Metode How to Add Object Inside 3d Printing in Solid Not Modular




Introduction: 3d Printing Personal Costume Key Case, New Metode How to Add Object Inside 3d Printing in Solid Not Modular

This is a New Metode to insert object inside your 3d print, no modular printing, no need glue for combine, just in 1 time progress and this is a solid printing. sorry for bad video quality..:D

Step 1: What You Needs

-Your Key ,

-3d printer with filament (can be differen color)without 2 nozzel or 2 extruder,

-corel draw or stc,

-3ds max or solidwork and stc,

-and last is your creativit.

Step 2: Draw Your Key Into 3d Object Model

Take picture your key, and draw in the corel or any 2d program with follow the real key shape, save your work into DWG file, for solidwork you can draw 2d in solid and than make it a 3d, open your 3ds Max aplication, import your key dwg file into 3ds max, and you have the line of your key modif object by klik the modifier object and find extrude set the thickes with the real number of your key thick.

set the size with real your key size, You can verify it with one point, you can select the key length and all size will adjust is is hard you can create a box object with length size same with the real key, and follow the length your 3d key with the box, so you now have a real size 3d object key.

Step 3: Create a Case on 3d Model

Next, clone your 3d key and and make sure you chose copy not instan look at the picture 2, now you have 2 key, create 2 cilinder and one make bigger and heigth look at picture 4, klick geometri and chage dte standart object with compount object clik object little cylinder and click pro boolean and clik the bigger cylinder so the little cylinder will be truncated with the bigger, now move the object to your copy key look at pictute 9, follow the last step for cut the key, create a box for delete the rest of the key are not truncated. so now you have a head key. pic 13, move the head key to the master key, make the head more bigger than key, make sure the head master key cover by head key give space 2 mm from all sides of the key, next klick object head key klick pro boolean and clik the key pic16, now you have a cover head key,

Step 4: Make a Name or Ornament on the Key Case

you can added any text or picture on the case, for text you klic Shape button, find Text typing any word you won, extrude the text,costumize the size text on the case, make sore the text combine with case. finish save your work with click export, export your 3d to OBJ ar STL file

Step 5: Set Your Print 3d Object

Next open your aplication 3d printer, open the file and check the size, set the setting in accordance with your filamen, chois none support look on the simulation print, you have hole inside object that hole for add your real key make sure you must add your key with look on the prosentase progress and pause when the nozzle print out in your case and print the littel object. add the key and resume your print progress.

Step 6: Printing Process

Last Step, time to printing, start your printing, wain until percentage for add key, pause your progress print at the prosentase hole on the case before covering by next layer, look at pic 3, and add the key fit on hole case and resume your printing, next layer will cover the key, so now your heay key inside the filamet layer,wait for next pause to change the color filament if you want it, or just using 1 color is no problem, finish now you have the personal key case.

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    3 years ago

    Great idea! I hate having two identical looking keys for two different locks!

    eric dirgahayu
    eric dirgahayu

    Reply 3 years ago

    so well that I feel, thankyou :)