3d Scanning Platform

Introduction: 3d Scanning Platform

This is a guide on how to make your own scanning platform for generating 3d models.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need the following to complete this. You can adjust sizes to your specific needs or available materials as well. This was just what I had laying around.

1. plywood/mdf at least 16" x 16"
2. 18" board for the base at least 4 inches wide.
3. 3/8" thick dowel rod
4. wood glue
5. white paint

1. something to draw a circle the size of.you platform. I used a large protractor. a bucket or something similar may work .
2. protractor to mark angles.
3. drill with 3/8" drill bit
4. handsaw/jigsaw/bandsaw
5. sand paper

Step 2: Layout

Lay out your circle on your sheet of plywood or mdf.

to find the center for the circle use a straight edge and draw 2 lines from corner to opposite corner to create an X.

For mine I chose a 14.5 inch circle and used a large protractor to trace the circle. This can be adjusted based on the size of the objects you are scanning.

After I layer out the circle, I marked around the circle every 10 degrees using the protractor.

The last step in layout is center punching all your holes using a hammer and punch. This will help keep your holes accurate.

Step 3: Drill

in the step use your drill with a 3/8" bit to drill all of your holes around the circle and the center hole. Be sure to put something under the board to prevent holes in your workbench.

Step 4: Cutting

Using your saw of choice, cut along your lines to create your circle platform.

Step 5: Base

For this step, take your large circle, and place it on the board you plan on using as a base.
place your drill through the center point of the circle and drill into the base board. Do no drill completely through the wood.

Next, take a dowel rod and place it through the center hole and the base.

Then, line up one of the slots around the circumstance of the circle and drill a hole into the base for your other dowel rod. Again do not drill through the base.

Remove the circle platform and pull out the dowel rod from the base. place some glue in the hole and put the dowel back in place.

After the glue is dried, sand the dowel rod down so it is flush with the platform.

Step 6: Paint

paint your platform using white paint. this will create an eleven base color for your background.

Step 7: Final Assembly

once your paint this dry place the platform on the base, place a dowel into the hole and place a mark at one of the slots to mark off a starting point.

This should complete the project and you are ready to scan objects using a tripod/camera or smartphone.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Hey! This looks like a great, simple way to create a nice platform to scan on top of. Can you explain a little more about what the advantages of using this type of platform are? Do you like to rotate the platform to take photos, or rotate the camera around the platform using the notches as guides?


    3 years ago

    This platform looks great. Very nicely done!