3d Design & Print Iphone 6 Case




Instructable for the design and fabrication of a phone case for the iphone 6.

This was undertaken as a case was ordered but its taking way to long, the resulting case is quite comfortable and was a good quick project.

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to download the free stl file from the link at the end.

Step 1: Design in Inventor

Start a sketch using a center point rectangle

Step 2: Extrude Rectangle

Extrude in this case 7mm

Step 3: Add Fillets to Corners

We use a fillet of 10mm

Step 4: Corner Profile

Fillet the outside edge

Step 5: Thicken Part File

Thicken the solid to the outside

Step 6: Shell Part

Shell the part file and select top face as excluded

Step 7: Create First Cut

Create a mirrored extrude cut about mid plane using project geometry for the bottom of the cut using the base of the shell for the reference.

Step 8: Create Second Cut

Create a second cut perpendicular to the first cut using the mid plane.

Step 9: Create Cutout for Camera Lens

Create another cut using the bottom of the shell feature for the camera, (probably would have been best to use the work plane so the model can be changed more readily)

Step 10: Create Chamfers and Fillets

As shown

Step 11: Export to an Stl File

Export file for slicing in your desired software we used Repetier

Step 12: Print File

We used our custom made 3d printer free files can be downloaded from our site so you can also build one yourself and well do another instructable on its construction later.www.ouroborosdesign.com the stl for the phone case can also be downloaded from there, hope this is ok and you can get something from this we know its a bit brief and can add ifo later if people are interested.

update note, people may be having trouble finding the stl file after updating the website it is located under the downloads section.



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    10 Discussions


    3 years ago

    hi what is the software used by you for designing

    3 replies
    Janja AnticaS

    3 years ago

    Te amo, muchas graaacias!!!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there great project. What are the dimensions for an iPhone 6 case for 3D printing?


    4 years ago

    I want to make on for my iPhone 5


    4 years ago

    Nice work neat dimensions, case could double up as a sieve with the light showing through. Only joking excellent work, well I thought it was funny.

    Very cool that you can build something so professional looking! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your files!