3d Printed 6th Gen Nano Watch Band W/ Earphone Organizer and Bottle Opener Ultimate Iwatch




This is my idea to make the ipod nano watchband even more useful.
The idea behind this design is to incorporate headphones into an essential part of your wardrobe so you will never for get them behind.
See there is couple of essential parts that almost every guy or girl never forgets behind. Your cellphone and your watch. I already incorporated a cellphone solution as you can see in my other product design ideas.


So now i'm taking it a bit further.
The watchband idea is been around.. but it's pretty much the same concept. all it does it holds your ipod nano. However, you nano become useless if you forget your headphone behind.

With this innovative design you will never forget your headphones behind. While at the same time you will never have to spend countless hours detangling your cords!!

There is again tons of cord organizers out there. some with very slick and great design behind them. However, it doesnt matter how awesome the deign is if you forget your cord organizer and your headphones behind!!

One more thing about this product design. As you can see with my other ideas you will probably realize that i hate carryng stuff around in my pockets.. I'm sure the ladies hate it too.. but unlike the ladies we don't have purses. With this Wristband not only it adds a futuristic look to your watchband.. it makes your pockets headphone and headphone organizer FREE

I hope you guys like my idea and i hope you guys vote for me at Instructables.com By doing so i will be able to do innovative designs like these without having to wait weeks for my product to be 3d printed!!

- 3d program (like Solidworks or Maya)
- 3d printer or access to the internet so you can get it printed
- tons of creativity and patience

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Step 1: How to Model Your Watchband

I made this tutorial so you won't make the same mistakes that i did.. It took me forever for get my nano watchband to be the correct size. The problem was that i was basing my measurements of the apple's specs page.. This is a bad idea.. you don't have all the measurements you need here.. you have to find the CADs page.


This is crucial since iphone nano watchband have to be down to the millimeters to look and work properly. That little tip right there would save you days!! your welcome...

Anyways, once you find the correct measurements you can build a 3d model or you can find one that has already been made.. scale it down to size and use it as a template to make your nano watchband


This is another crucial part you have to take notice. Programs export files at different sizes..  Maya said my item was 1 millimeter thick however, when i export it and import it into Shapeways.com it keep saying the item was huge and it would cost hundreds of dollars

The problem was that shapeways and maya had different ways to measure stuff.. i saw people using rhino and other programs and they had similar issues.. The way i was able to go around this .. in Maya i exported a small square that was 10 millimeters big.. when imported into shapeways.com it said it was 4 millimeters.. Therefore, .4 millimeters in maya = 1 millimeters in shapeways.. (note when picking what type of measurements pick inches)

That again took me couple of days to figure it out... the problem is that Shapeways.com will accept a model that is not thick enough in certain parts and will only let you know when they are canceling your order :(

Model your nano watchband.. create measuring squares to make sure is thick enough

Now the more complicated your nano watchband is the more you might have to worry about thickness.. You could manually check to make sure your thickness is the same everywhere. However, i found this website which actually will check the thickness for you.. this is incredible.. it saved me so much time. However, this website is way more expensive... So i decided to use shapeways.com (like i said these guys aren't giving me any money so if you know another cheaper place let me know :)

i hope this helps.. it will save you tons of work.. and if you use this to make your nano watchband.. please share your results

Step 2: Get It 3D Printed

This are a couple of 3d printing websites
If you find a cheaper website let me know

Step 3: Show It Off to Your Friends

Show it Off to your friends

Yes thats a nano i'm using as a watch.

yes those are headphones around my watch band

Yes it's freaking awesome

No you cant buy it at best buy

yes i know is freaking awesome

Those are some common responses you will need.. enjoy!!

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    Pedro A.G

    Question 10 months ago

    Hey! I know this instructable is a couple years old, and the iPod Nano 6th gen is pretty much obsolete!... Hek! Pretty iPod as a whole is obsolete.
    Anyway! I was hoping you could make the files aviable for modding and printing, please!
    I can't afford a smart watch but i may rescue my old iPod and make it good use!
    I'm sorry I didn't vote for you all those years ago! This is awesome!


    Man I apparently need to get into this 3d printing, Honestly I have hardly heard anything about it or how it works but this is a really cool idea I would love to get my hands on one, test it out in the woods I love the style but like I said I know almost nothing about 3d printing and the material/strength used. but cool bro, this is really cool.

    2 replies

    im testing a flexible printed material.. should get my latest prototype in a couple of days.. it should be interesting..


    5 years ago

    You need to legitimately market this... You will make a lot of money if you go to like Belkin or other brands that make apple product cases I promise you this product is a hit get it trademarked quick


    I need this! Can you make me one? What will it cost?
    Reach me at hndwritingrepair@gmail.com


    I got my nano from my brother for a birthday and I use it religiously everyday lol best Ipod I have ever had and a great conversation starter when it is a watch on your arm. Hooks also to any Nike equipment (treadmill) also has FM radio and pedometer,photos and so much more......good product.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hmm. That's very cool, but it looks very much like a TikTok combined with my product, the Budwrap over at Budwrap.com

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    i been working on this design since last year and if you look at my videos and instructable you can see there is no similarity between your product and mine. My design was meant to combine a headphone organizer and a nano holder while hiding the cable. My organizer only goes around in a semi-loop and the locking mechanism for both the headphones and nano holder are non existent in yours. if anything your product looks like the cordcruncher http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1587181400/cordcruncher-earbud-headphones?ref=live
    PS.. are you the guy who designed this? your website looks great..your product looks great... it looks like you are living the dream


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    If i win the contest i'm sharing the orignal designs.. so vote for me!! Share, tweet, post it on facebook, tell your friends, help me get featured in gizmodo, lifehacker, etc.. thanks in advance!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great work!

    I always tell people that the first place I foresee 3D printers making it into consumer homes will be to download and print little cosmetic gadgets like cellphone cases... or in your case, iPod cases.

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks man.. this is my 1st time using n wearing anything 3d printed.. so you right with that statement