3d Printed Optical Illusion

Introduction: 3d Printed Optical Illusion

Tools/material required:
- 3d printer
- Translucent PLA (in fact also black PLA worked but the clearer the better of course)
- Laser or Inkjet printer
- Image software, such as Photoshop/GIMP etc
- CAD software, or any software that can generate the worlds simplest STL file (or just use my file!)

While dragging the 3d printed object over the paper it will show(enlarge) or hide the "pixel lines" to display "even" or "odd" lines, or in our case image A or B.

Notes for the 3d printed object
- create an rectangle in 3d software and extrude to a suitable height (i printed in 0.25mm mode and used 0.40 in the model to give exactly ONE layer at print time)
- nozzle must be set on an appropriate level (too low and the strings won't connect to each other but for me at least to the border, nozzle too heigh and the strings will merge into each other too much and not create the lenseffect we want here)
- the flatter bottom of the part, the better i believe - i printed mine on a OH transparency sheet that was glued to the polycarboonate sheet I usually print on but that has plenty of skratches by now. With the OH film the printed object gets perfectly flat and glossy on the bottom side!

Notes for the 2d printed paper
- two images shall be interlaced to display a composite image with odd/even lines from the two images- a line is defined by the distance between each extruded line on the 3d prined object. In my case it was 0.5mm between each one. 
- I used photoshop and created two layers with text or images and created an "odd" and "even" layer mask so it's easy to reuse he masks with different images or text.
- The "Liquify" tool in Photoshop is great to create the second image slightly different from the first one (see the Instructable logo in the cover picture where i made the robot dancing)
- the image MUST be printed in correct scale (100%)

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