3g Dish Antenna in 5 Minutes at 0 Dollar/euro



In this instructable I'll show you how I solved a connecting problem with my 3g antenna at 0 (zero) dollars. In my country house, in the heart of Marche's hills, I have a connecting problems  due to  low level of signal. In the immages below you can see the download and upload speed, before and after the utilization of the dish antenna.

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Step 1: Materials

To make this dish antenna is sufficient search 3 simple components in your kitchen:

- One Plastic bowl
- Two or tree aluminum foil
- Scotch tape

Also you must have a USB extension and, of course, a 3g antenna.

Step 2: Building

Cover the bowl with aluminium and fix the 3g antenna at bottom of the bowl with tape.

Step 3: Orienting

Orient theh dis antenna to the signal because it is very directiona.

I will wish you a fast browsing

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