3x1 Selfwatering Planter

If you want to keep things self sufficient in your garden, recycle and make the most out of tiny spaces this instructable is for you! We're going to make a selfwatering planter out of recycled plastic bottles and some cloth. Ready? All you need is:

- 1 big (about 2L) plastic bottle

- 2 or 3 small (0,5L is fine) plastic bottles

- 3 strings of cloth

- Soil and seeds.

Step 1: Clean the Big Bottle, and Make 3 Holes in It

For this example, I'm going to make 3 holes on the top of the bottle (same distance apart and in a straight line). The idea is to stuff the smaller bottles' tip into the holes.

Step 2: Pierce a Hole Into the Small Bottles' Caps and Run a Piece of Cloth Through It

A part of the cloth has to go into the big bottle (so it can suck up the water we will put in there) and the other piece will feed your plant. Tie a knot inside the cap, and run the cloth all the way through the surface.

Notice you will have to cut the bottom part of the small bottles (These will be your planters).

Step 3: Fill the Bottles With Soil + Seeds.

In this case I am planting tomatoes on the left, had a tulip in a water bottle and I placed it in the middle, and some lettuce on the right. Once you insert all the bottles into the big bottle it's time to fill this one up with water.

I unscrewed the shower head and filled the big bottle with water (carefully, of course).

Now all I have to do is look for a space in my balcony where I can place the bottles and make sure they wont fall. Be sure to make correct balance with whatever it is you are planting so the upper bottles won't fall. The good thing about this is that it is 1. basically free to do, 2. You can see how much water there is in the bigger bottle at all times. 3. You no longer have to worry about over/under-watering your plants, because they know exactly how much water they need!

Enjoy your harvest!



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