3x3 Canvas Letter Wall-hanging

Introduction: 3x3 Canvas Letter Wall-hanging

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3x3 Canvases with graphic images printed on photo paper. A ribbon edging frames each letter.

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Step 1: Supplies Needed

1. 3x3 canvases – I found this size only at Michael’s
2. ModPodge matte finish– to attach print and finish surface
3. Bristle brush – stiff brushes leave a canvas texture
4. Roller (wallpaper roller) – to attach print to canvas
5. Picture hangers
6. Ribbon for trimming the canvas frame
7. Craft Stick glue gun and glue

Step 2: Print Graphics/letters.

Design your alphabet prints. You can use any graphic design software.

You can even use something as simple as Microsoft “Paint.”

I have used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in my designs.

Make your print the size of the canvas. Try to leave some of a border where you will not lose anything important if you must trim. The canvases are never an exact size nor are they completely square. And each canvas may differ slightly in size from one another.

Step 3: Apply ModPodge

Apply a layer of ModPodge on to the canvas using the bristle brush. If you wish, you can check the size of the print on the dry canvas before gluing. You can trim to the exact size.

OR you can trim later. Paint this layer - every which way - covering the entire canvas. This is the layer to attach the print to the canvas.

Step 4: Place Print on Canvas

Place the print on the canvas after applying the ModPodge with the design centered on the canvas. You can trim away excess after the application and the ModPodge has dried.

Attach the print securely to the canvas.

Step 5: Cut Excess Print

Wait for the ModPodge to dry leaving a fully attached print, flip the canvas over, and trim any excess print off around the edges.

If you did not wait for the ModPodge to dry fully, you can end up pulling the print up off the canvas.

Step 6: Surface Coat Print With ModPodge

Now apply the first surface coat over the top of the print. Apply in one direction only.

Wait for this coat to dry.

If the ModPodge wasn’t dry under the print OR if you did not attach the print securely to the canvas – the print may bubble up and/or lift up in places.

Step 7: 2nd Coat

The first image shows the dried first layer of ModPodge. The texture is going in one direction. When this layer of ModPodge is completely dry, apply the second layer in the opposite direction.

This will achieve a criss-cross woven canvas look to the finish. (See second image)

Step 8: Place Hangers on Back of Canvas

When the canvas is completely dry, flip over and apply the hanger style of your choice.

I used “saw-tooth” hangers as shown. This enabled me to use simply thumb-tacks to hang the letters.

Step 9: Attach Border Finish

The last step is to glue on a border finish. I used ribbon but you can use material, scrapbook paper, paint, or any other way you wish to finish off the edges.

I used a hot glue gun because it dries almost instantly. If you are making this with the help of a child, you can use any craft glue – just be careful with handling the project until the glue dries.

Step 10: Finishing the Letter

Complete adding the border finish. Complete these steps for each letter you are making. Hang them on your wall - stagger them or place them in a straight line. Give your wall a personalized look.

Thank you for using our instructions. If you reuse any part of these instructions, please give us mention/credit.

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You can also find a PowerPoint Presentation PDF at my blog www.natures-sol.blogspot.com

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