3x3x3 Led Cube NO ARDUNIO

Introduction: 3x3x3 Led Cube NO ARDUNIO

About: I'm a 13 year old dude with a arduino obsession.

Please vote in glow contest :)This is a very simple led cube that does not need an ARDUNIO to program. It blinks 512 different patterns before restarting.

> wood (enough to make base)
> solder
> 27 led's
> a 4020 ic
> soldering iron
>555 ic
> proto-board(to design circuit)
> various resistors and capacitors
> jumper wire and wire
> wire stripers

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Step 1: The Base and Frame

To make the base you need to cut a peace of wood and drill holes the same size as your vertical wires. All the wires running vertical are ground

Step 2: Solder the Cube

Soldering the cube is pretty simple once you have the frame done. Just solder the negative line of the LED two the frame and the positives of 3 of the LEDs together so they can connect to the 4020 outputs.

Step 3: The Circuit

This is a relatively simple schematic to do. First I would recommend putting it on a proto-board and marking sure it works right then you can permanently solder it together. The circuit uses 12 volts dc. The nine pine out of the 4020 go to the 9 positive cube out puts. The circuit is very sensitive to the wrong voltage so be careful

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    4 years ago

    Really cool idea! I'd love to see the different patterns it has!