4 Bit Binary Manual Counter: NI Multisim (Video Included)

Introduction: 4 Bit Binary Manual Counter: NI Multisim (Video Included)

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Hi there. New to Multisim? This is for you!

In this project we will build a simple 4 bit manual counter using NI Multisim software.

Newbie special :)

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Step 1: Parts List (if Building on Breadboard)

NI Multisim Software

******Parts needed: www.bits4bots.com


Hey Bits4Bots I want to build this but I have only have a 74LS48 TTL.

Answer: No problem. If you use a 74LS48 TTL you will need to use a Common Cathode Display.

Step 2: Multisim Circuit Connection

Open Multisim

  • Select components needed. I have decided to use images for this process.

Click the tabs in order that are circled in red or highlighted.

Step 3: Breadboard Circuit Connection

  • Connect the top 4 pins of the dip switch to VCC (5V)
  • Connect the bottom row of the dip switch pins individually to the A, B, C & D of the 74LS47 IC
  • Connect the 74LS47 accordingly.
  • Pin 3, 4 & 5 of the 74LS47 should be powered.
  • Connect the 7 Segment Display. I used a Common Anode.

Step 4: Test the Circuit

Now that everything is connected we can now test the circuit.

A zero should show on the display when the circuit is powered.

  • When the right>>>>>most switch is on (high) the display should show a 1.
  • Flip the switch to low again.
  • Move one over to the left<<<< and flip the switch. A 2 should display.
  • To display the number 3 flip both previous switches.
  • By now you should have an idea of how the manual counter works :)

I have included a binary to decimal chart for your convenience.

Step 5: Watch Me Build This Project!

If you like this project please follow me or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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Thanks :)

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    Thanks a simple way to understand connect display.


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