4-CH 433 Mhz Module RC Car {No Coding Rx}




The instruction "4-CH 433 Mhz Module RC Car{No coding Rx}" introduce how to build radio controlled car using 433 Mhz Rx module and L298N dual motor drive module.

For the transmitter instruction,see "4-CH DIY 433 Mhz Module Transmitter {No Coding}"

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Step 1: Materials & Tools


1. 1 - 433 Mhz Wireless Receiver Module

2. 1 - Receiver anttenna

3. Electrical 26 AWG wires

4. 1 - Battery 6-12 V. (Nicad/2s-Lipo/Alkaline)

5. 1 - RC car toy with dual motor(Driving and Steering)

6. 1 - L298N module

7. Female pin header (2.54 mm. pitch)

8. JST plug


1. Soldering gun

2. Soldering wire

3. Soldering paste

4. Screw driver

5. Plier

6. Hot glue gun

Step 2: RC Car Building

Electrical parts Installation

1.Connecting and soldering wires between each equipments as shown in the electrical circuit diagram.

L298N module pin to Rx module

ENA - Vcc

IN1 - D0

IN2 - D1

IN3 - D2

IN4 - D3

ENB - Vcc

MotorA - Driving motor

MotorB - Steering motor

Tx-Rx Binding Method

See video clip here

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 2


    Do you know the the VT pin does?

    Note it is the TV pin on the photo, but it is reversed.