4 Different Bright Lipsticks for Women of Color

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http://www.styleunited.com/TipsAndTrends/article/4-Different-Bright-Lipsticks-for-Women-of-Color  Bold lip colors can look great on dark skin tones. What to look for:


1. Hot pink: This is a bright color that looks great on lots of skin tones, but is particularly great on darker skin. And if you like a little glitter, make sure your skin is smooth.

2. Coral pink: This looks particularly good in warmer weather. Don't shy away from trying it!

3. Red: The classic bright color. To accentuate your teeth, look for a red with a blue undertone.

4. Purple: This can actually act as a neutral. Wear lighter shades at day, or darken with a lip pencil underneath to go more plum-like at night.

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