3 Different Ways to Make Cookie Pops




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If you’ve ever thought about making cookie pops (or cookies on a stick) and have decided not to because you were intimidated, this instructable is for you. Cookie pops are a great way to beautifully present your cookies with a lot of impact. And despite what you may have heard they aren’t hard to make. To learn different ways to make cookie pops and decide which works best for you, check out Cookie Pops 4 Different Ways at sugarkissed.net.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Well, I like the title, but it leads me to believe I'll be learning how to make cookie pops 4 different ways. Perhaps this would make a better forum post if you're only interested in sharing the link to your blog. Otherwise, more information is really important for this format.

    3 replies

    Hi, scoochmaro. I appreciate the constructive criticism. I have added step-by-step photos for the other cookie pop methods and have updated the title accordingly.

    I appreciate your flexibility! I guess I didn't understand what I was looking at in the pictures. Sometimes I need a little extra help. I thought it was about four ways to decorate cookie pops, but now I see I was wrong!

    Very cute pictures. I personally needed a little textual assistance, but I like the way you've laid it out.