4 Digit Seven Segment With Arduino

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In this project, i am going to explain How to Attach 4 digit seven segment display with Arduino without using any library.

Step 1: Watch Video

Step 2: Components Required:

Components Required:

  • 4 Seven Segment Display OR 4 Digit Seven Segment Display.
  • PNP Transistor CB558B.
  • Arduino (any) I am using Arduino nano.
  • 4 Resistor 330ohms.
  • wires

Step 3: Circuit Diagram:

  • First, attach all four digit as shown in Fig.1
  • identify the Segment as Shown in Fig. 2
  • Attach the all the wires to Arduino as Shown in Fig. 3
  • YOu can use 4 Digit instead of using Single.

Step 4: Upload the Code:

Upload the Code and Wire your circuit as Shown in Circuit Diagram.

Step 5: SUCCESS!

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    Tip 9 months ago on Step 1

    Awesome vid but please kill the sing along "Chipmunks Sound Track". Very annoying/distracting. I only bring it up because there is no way to silence it on my phone...


    1 year ago

    Thanks For Sharing...:D