4 Easy Hair Styles for Curly Hair

Introduction: 4 Easy Hair Styles for Curly Hair

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For people with curly hair its can sometimes be hard to find a hairdo because most are for seat or wavy hair.

but here are some ideas i have......

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Step 1: What Ya Need

style 1: hair bobble

style 2: 2 hair bobbles

style 3: bobbie pin and hair band i used a plastic one but fabric ones could also work

style 4: hair bobble and hair clip

Step 2: Style 1: Some Up Some Down

This style is my personal fave which is why i included it. what you are going to do is get most of your hair but leaving some at the side and the it on top of you head. and passamo you are done!!!!!!

Step 3: Style 2: Harley Quinn

you will need to get an equal amount of hair one each side of your head then tie your hair in pig tails quite far up your head.

Step 4: Style 3: Simple Band and Clip

for this one you will need your hair down. get the clip and put it in your hair, i put it where there is more hair so the band docent get pushed out. then put the band in.

Step 5: Style 4:side Plat

ok i don't know how to do those plats that start half way up your head but if you do theres nothing stopping you.

I chose the simple fish-tail plat and put it at the side so it can go over my shoulder, then put a clip in your hair to keep back any short bits of hair that can't reach the plat.

Step 6: Done!!!!!

I hope you liked this hair.

ps sorry for the blurry pictures -_-*

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