4-Guitar Wall Mount/Hanger

Introduction: 4-Guitar Wall Mount/Hanger

I'll show you how to make this for about $15.

Generally, I post photo how-to's on instructables.  This will allow almost everyone to replicate whatever I make, while not taking hours for me to re-post.  For those who want detailed commentary, a few more pictures, and a step-by-step, I post all of my DIY's on my blog, DIYandSIMPLIFY.  Feel free to drop by sometime and check out all my posts.  Otherwise, you can follow along pictorally through this.  Enjoy!

What you need:  

Here is a quick and dirty:

General Materials List:

(1) 1X6 @ 6 ft
(1) 1X4 @ 6 ft
scrap piece of 3/4"x1/2" or around about that (for the latches)
some screws / nails
round pencil

General Tools List:

Router (not mandatory but very helpful)
Sandpaper/Sanding Block/ Sanding disc



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    THANK YOU!! i have 5 guitars and a bass is getting added to my collection soon and i have no room left for all of them >.< cant afford the money for wall hangers or normal stands but i think this will look great with them all hanging infront of my green day flag ^.^

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    I can assure you it will, my friend - You better send a picture over when you finish it. I'd love to see someone else utilize this. Good luck - any questions don't hesitate. Thanks for looking, and more thanks for commenting, bro.