4-H Award Plaque

Introduction: 4-H Award Plaque

This is a plaque for 4-H record sheet awards. It is made out of wood and plexiglass.

Step 1: Router

In this step, get a piece of wood and cut it to the size you need which in this case, 5 1/2" x 7 1/2". Once it's cut, it's time to router the outside (front) edges. Once your finished routering the edges, it's time to sand.

Step 2: Stain

Once the piece is sanded, it is ready to be stained! Chose the color stain, then brush it on with a brush. And allow to dry it says on the can.

Step 3: Lacquer

Once the stain is dry, add a coat of lacquer to the piece. Allow it to dry as instructed on the can.

Step 4: Computer

This is the computer file before it is engraved.

Step 5: Wood

This step is when the wood is getting laser engraved. The 4-H is at a slower speed so that it is deep enough to where the plexi is flush with the wood.

Step 6: Plexi

This step is when the plexi is getting cut and getting the protection sticker peeled off. It then shows how the plexi looks when it is finished cutting and peeled.

Step 7: Adhesive

Here is acrylics adhesive which is best to use to glue plexi together because it dries clear and fast. To apply use a small brush.

Step 8: Plaque

Here you will insert the 4-H symbol. If it doesn't go in all the way, then get a hand towel or a few shop towels and use a crow bar and barely tap on the towel until it is in all the way. After the you will use the acrylics adhesive to glue the 4-H clover to the 4-H.

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