4 Motor 100mw 532nm Laser Spirograph Budget Build

Introduction: 4 Motor 100mw 532nm Laser Spirograph Budget Build

I always wanted to build a laser spirograph. I was inspired on this site from Quackmaster Dan's 4 motor build. I came up with my own version as I didn't want to use a handheld or batteries. Thanks to all the posted builds for the tips and ideas!

Everything was purchased from e-bay with the exception of the project box that I purchased from Digi-Key. I tried to stick with US sellers, but 1 item came from China. I always go with deals with free shipping whenever possible.

USA e-bay seller "thaishine" had the majority of parts and their shipping is Lightning Fast and FREE! A+++++++++

The 532 nm module I purchased was 13mm and I had to drill out the aluminum mount 1mm to fit the module. Wish I hadn't used such a large "Master Switch" as it dwarfed the other components! It was also the part I waited on from China. Sacrificed an old DB-25 computer cable for the wire needed. I followed wiring schematics from other Spirograph's shown here on this site. The lens I used was a beveled coated vintage piece I got from e-bay. I used a Dremel to bevel the hole for the lens using a slightly smaller flat washer glued to the inside of the project box as a guide. I used scrap 1/4" aluminum blocks cut to the width of the CD ROM motors as heat sinks,, the 317 regulator, etc.

2 part epoxy was used to glue down the heat sinks for the motors, but I used hot glue to attach the CD ROM motors to the heat sinks so I could change them if they became defective. I mounted the LM 317 to a piece of 1/4" aluminum attached with small bolts and nuts to the project box. I used a piece of terminal strip there to make the electrical connections as well. I also attached the fan the same way and drilled a series of cooling holes for ventilation. I used an 7VDC - AC power supply and dropped down the voltage to 3VDC for the laser module using a LM317. The fan and motors run fine at 7VDC. I lined up the mirrors one at a time and after all 4 were mounted, I then carefully marked the hole through the case for the lens. I centered the laser beam every step of the way on each mirror to ensure that I had eveything aligned properly. TIP: Make sure everything is aligned and working properly before final glue down of the motors!

With the 4 motors that reverse direction and with adjustable speed, the patterns are endless. GREAT PROJECT!

It took me about 4 weeks to gather all the parts, but I was going for "CHEAP"! The build took me about 6 hours to complete.

I built this as a gift for my Grandsons Birthday coming up in April.

Schematic included.

Spirograph Parts List:

1-Digi-Key HM961-ND BOX POLY 7.48X4.33X2.39" TR CL. $12.51
1-532nm 100mw Green 13mm Laser Diode Module with driver. $7.51
1-12X30mm heatsink mount for AixiZ 12X30mm. $3.95
1-50mm Coated Glass Welders Safety Lens $1.00
1-Sunon MagLev Fan 30X30mm.  $2.70
4-Pot Knobs     $.50 Each  $2.00
4-100K OHM Linear Taper Rotary Potentiometers $1.00 Each  $4.00
4-CD Rom Motors    $.59 Each  $2.36
1-Master Switch W/Green LED   $5.00 (waste of $5)
1-LM317T Voltage Regulator   $.34
4-Mini Toggle Switch DPDT   $1.00 Each  $4.00
1-4mm Cable Gland  $.20
4-1" Round Glass Mirrors      $.8 Each  $.32       $1.99 for 25 at Michaels Crafts
(turned into front side mirrors using mirror tip here on this site)
Scrap pieces of aluminum, old computer cable wire, shrink tubing and 7 volt power supply from my junk box.

Total build cost: $46.20

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    4 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    wow?still no reply 1 year later.. i can pay more now if you like


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Tell me if your interested, I am starting a really tiny kit business, and I will offer laser spirograph kits with al the parts necessary. Hit me an email at electricity440@gmail.com if you have any ideas etc.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hello jakeyboiixx, I am building one of these for a class project. I would be willing to sell it when I am done. It is very similar but is going to have an "auto" switch so you dont have to manualy use the controls. The switches and layout are very similar. Let me know if interested.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    very nice!

    are you able to build me one, i've been searching for pre built ones for 3 months now and can not find one :(

    and i am unfortunately no good at building stuff :(

    i can pay under $110

    contact me asap if your intrested thanks <3