CUSTOM One-of-a-kind 4-Player Time Machine

Introduction: CUSTOM One-of-a-kind 4-Player Time Machine

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Design, measure twice, cut, wire all the LED lights, components, test, assemble and add final touches.



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    Did you use FOUR Zero Delay USB cards? I'm looking to extend my two player cabinet/controller into a four player but I can't find the research if four players would work with four Zero Delay USB cards.

    Go check out the different models:

    Sorry... this isn't an instructable. It's nice, but against the spirit of the site.

    This is a nice start for a "show and tell" minute.
    Please show us more and tell us every detail of how to build this.

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    sorry time is scarce in my world of 4-year-old twins - thus, it will take quite a bit of work/time to elaborate and lay out all the details on how to build one of these... :/

    I've got a 7 year old and a 5 month old so I can imagine... Can't wait to see the write up.

    -2 sheets of 1/2" pre-finished white melamine particle boards/wood panels

    -3 strips of 12v LED light

    -4 sets of joysticks/buttons

    -4 zero delay USB PCB cards

    -1 Amazon basic USB speakers

    -wood glue

    -L clips to help secure the panels

    -computer and monitor

    -white melamine hot melt edging

    -sheet of perforated aluminum panel

    -clear acrylic and printed graphics for marquee

    -screws, nuts and bolts

    -lots of patience, time and labor

    and everything in between i suppose... :)

    1/2" pre-finished melamine wood panels and white melamine edging hot melt edging...