S'more Sundae & 3 S'more Ideas




Introduction: S'more Sundae & 3 S'more Ideas

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I love S'mores.Especially with Golden Grahams.I could eat s'mores for breakfast.I love s'mores in my lunch, and epsecially for dessert.Here are few ways that I pair up the delicious trio that makes up s'mores.

Good S'morning *** S'more Party Mix *** S'more Snacks Mix *** S'more Sundae

If you haven't checked out my Smore's pops instructable, here is the link.

Step 1: Getting Started

Main Ingredients:

Golden Grahams Cereal
Mini Marshmallows
Mini Chocolate Chips

Optional Ingredients:

Ice Cream
Chocolate milk
Chocolate Syrup

Step 2: Mix It Up

Pour all of the desired ingredients in a bowl or ziplock baggie and mix thoroughly.

Step 3: Now It's Time to Create Your Masterpiece.

For the Good S'morning, pour the  s'more mixture into a bowl with either chocolate milk or regular milk and enjoy!

For the S'more Party Mix, just pour the s'more mixture into a big bowl for your party guests or into multiple small bowls for each table.

For the S'more Snacks  Mix, just pour the s'more mixture into a baggie or small covered container and you and/or your kids are ready to go.

For the S'more Sundae, add any flavor of icecream  into a bowl and top with the good crunchy s'more mixture. You can add whip cream, cherries, nuts, anything  your tastebuds desire. 



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    I have made these. Now I am am makeing the smores.


    Looks good. I'm going to make some for my family. :)


    I will have to make this for my husband, he loves marshmallows.
    Thanks for sharing!

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