4 Steps to Combat Shiny Skin

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http://www.styleunited.com/TipsAndTrends/article/4-Steps-to-Combat-Shine You may want shiny hair, but not a shiny face. Banish shine and keep your skin oil-free by following these four simple steps.


1.Wash skin: You need to get rid of all existing dirt and oil.

2.Prep skin: Use a a matte primer. Apply it to the T-zone.

3.Even out the tone:Apply oil-free foundation and translucent powder.

4.Prepare for the day: Use oil-blotting sheets to soak up excess oil throughout the day. Believe it or not, a toilet seat cover works in a pinch!

Tip: Make sure your foundation says "matte," as many are designed to give you a glow, just the look you don't want!



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