4 String Electric Cigar Box Guitar




About: I live on the east coast of Canada, (New Brunswick). I have been tinkering and building things all my life and still manage to learn something new and exciting every day.

This guitar was built using a really great looking Brick House cigar box. The neck is oak with a bird's eye maple fret board. This is probably my best Cigar Box guitar to date. The action is super low and it has a really big acoustic sound. Tuned like a tenor guitar it sounds and plays great.
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    Reply 2 years ago

    I use piezo elements as pick ups. They are not visible on the surface.


    I got this one in a batch I got in from a gal in Texas. It would be worth checking out Cigarbox Nation. com for some very good sources. C.B.Getty is well priced. You can also check out your local smoke shops, they will often give them away or local yard sales or flea markets.