4 Tips to Help You Finish Your Novel

Introduction: 4 Tips to Help You Finish Your Novel

Finishing a novel can seem impossible when you start writing. However, I would like to share with you some advice on finishing a novel. This can help you complete a book and polish your style, plot and character creation skills.

We have to think of writing as if it was a running competition: reaching the finishing line can be complicated, but it can be done with a lot of persistence, training and effort.


We need deadlines to complete a task. If there are no deadlines in sight, then it seems like we have the rest of our lives to write the novel. But the novel will never be complete without the proper amount of pressure; there are always more pressing things that require our attention. You must give your novel a high priority!


Once you have established the deadline, you will need to organize your time and meet it. You can guess how many pages your novel will have and calculate how many pages a day you would need to write to be able to finish it on time.

Another approach is to think about how many words your novel will have and calculate how many words you could potentially write per day. For example, if we want to write the book in three months' time, you would need to write 2.7 pages a day. Now, I am a person who believes that things rarely go as planned, so I suggest you remove one week of those three months with the idea that some days you will not be able to comply with your goal. Take that into consideration as your calculate your deadline. Be organized and write down each day as you make progress. If one day you do not write anything, you will have to write twice as much on the following day. Don't worry, organizing the hours of the day will eventually become a beneficial habit.


It is not necessary for the whole world to know, but just letting one person know that you intend to finish a novel in three months, will make your ego want to achieve it. If nobody knows about your goals, you will unconsciously end up thinking "it doesn't matter, I will give myself another year, I do not need to finish it now", and then you never will.


Walking this road alone is not easy. That is why I always advise writers to get your own "cheerleader." This should be a person close to you that reads the content of your novel as you are write it.

You will be surprised to know how much this helps, as this person will encourage you and make everything much simpler. Remarks like "I am loving it! I am really intrigued! I want to know more!" will boost your ego and inspire you to keep writing. It will also help when you fall behind and hear: "Weren't you supposed to send me the new chapter today? I want to read it right now!" A cheerleader can be an essential part of this process. Besides, this person can become a "pre Editor", as he or she could make corrections for you and help you polish your grammar or style.

These tips have repeatedly worked for me and I hope they can help many other writers.



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    Great tips! I always find I need to give myself a deadline to get things done. Thanks for sharing these :)