4-Year-Old Logan in His Transforming Optimus Prime Costumes

Introduction: 4-Year-Old Logan in His Transforming Optimus Prime Costumes

I have spent the past month and a half working on my son
Logan's costume for Halloween. He loves Optimus Prime so Daddy decided to let
him feel like he is actually Optimus Prime. Turns out there are costumes out
there like this on the web so I tried to be as creative and detailed as
possible to replicate the actual truck. I used multiple corrugated cardboard
boxes, about 75 hot glue sticks, 4 cans of navy blue, red, matalic silver spray
paint, 1 can of orange and 3 cans of black spray paint. I used shrink wrap to
draw on and cut out the flames as stencils. There is approximately 15 ft. of
Velvro throughout the costume to hold it to Logan. I also purchased LED push
lights for the front headlights and two bicycle red LED lights for the rear
lights. I bought an Optimus Prime mask and built LED lights into the mask.
There was so much trial and error with this costume to get it to function while
Logan was wearing it. He is now able to go trick or treating in it this year!!!
I have enjoyed every moment in creating this costume and most importantly I
have made my little boy so happy. People are amazed when I show them the
pictures. I have what I refer to as "repeat offenders" who consistently
come up to me right after I showed them the pictures asking to see it again.I
have 3 children....the other two are looking at me like, "Daddy...where is
my costume!?" Well turns out I got so sucked into this one I couldn't
belive how much time and effort I put into it. Needless to say, I have a whole
year now to prep 3 unique costumes for 3 amazing kids who I can call mine. They
will always remember Halloweens with Dad. and Mom. My wife has been so
supportive of this...even though I sit here in front of this computer writing
this out to enter our son into your contest and she is sending me the get to
bed texts. All this time and effort is worth the smiles and non stop hugs and
love I am receiving from my son. I am glad to have made you feel like you are
truly Optimus Prime. I love you buddy!!

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Looks great, nice touch with the lights


    4 years ago

    This looks great. You should get him to scare people while he is trick or treating


    Reply 4 years ago

    Haha I thought about my son scaring people. His grandma (Nannie) and papa have a front porch and we generally go around their neighborhood for trick-or-treating. It would be perfect to set him up on the porch and transform when kids come up on the porch. Thanks for the feedback redwind.