3D 4-bit Synchronous Counter - Multisim

Introduction: 3D 4-bit Synchronous Counter - Multisim

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In this Instructable we will learn the basics of a synchronous counter and how to design it in a circuit.

Software: Multisim

Step 1: Parts

4 leds

1 74ls163 IC

1 4 Pack Dip Switch

1 9V Power Source

Step 2: Step-by-Step Video

This circuit is used for counting up or down in binary. It also has the capability to start counting from programmed number.

  1. Dip Switch- connect all four pins of one side to VCC+ The remaining four pins will connect to inputs QA-QD of the 74ls163
  2. 74ls163 - connect the QA-QD output pins to the leds. Example: QA - positive led 1, QB - positive led 2, so on and so forth. (Pin 8: Ground Pin 16: Power Pin 1, 7, 10: Power) Pin 2: Clock (555 timer)
  3. In Multisim I used a digital clock for the pulse. Pin CLK

New Instructable coming soon for programming specific number.

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