4 Color Hot End




Introduction: 4 Color Hot End

This hot end was desighed on Sketchup 8.0.
All materials can be purcased at these locations: Makerbot, Makergear, Ultimachine, hardware store,
here is a list of things you will need.
1. a soldering iron
2. rosin core solder
3. crimper or long nose pliers
4. 22 to 24 ga wire
5. 22ga high temt teflon coated wire
6. a thermister to measure temp on the hot end. get at makerbot or makergear or ultimachine
7. a hight temp resistor. get at makerbot and so on
8. teflon tubes get at makerbot
9. stainless tubes get at makerbot
10. ceramic insulation tape at makergear
11. hihg temp tapt either pte mylar or capton tape get at makerbot, makergear, ultimachine (pte tape at lulzbot)
12. hot end tips get at makergear
13.aluminium strip about quarter inch thick and 1 to 1.25inch wide and 1 to 2 feet long ( in case of mistakes)
14. 3mm bolts and nuts get at ultimakers
15. a tube of high temp silicone. from an auto supply  
be careful you are working with high temps dont get burned. aned wear safety glass in case of solder splater

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Step 1:

first you cut the aluminium into 4 squares then measure and drill 4 holes in first square for 6mm ond tap it.
drill 2 holes on the center edge one on each side for 3mm bolts  then measure the resistor and drill a hole on the edge of the first piece
all the way though. then on the corner edge drill a hole for the thermister about half way through and place the thermistor in and use some high temp silicone to seal it then place the resistor in with leads stiking out of both sides seal it with silicone. let it set untill it sets up then crimp the onnectors on the resistor and the thermistor.
then you drill and tap the second piece to 8mm
and the outher 2 squares dirll them to fit the stainless tubes
take the tips and screw them in from the bottom of the first piece
screw the stainless steel tubes on the second piece from the top
and then you take the outher 2 pieces and slide them over the tubes
place the bolts in and tighten the nuts.
then wrap pte or capton tape on the resistor wires and the thermistor wires

Step 2:

this is how it goes together. screw the tips on the bottom plate.
then screw the tubes on the cecond plate
then you slide the outher 2 plates on the stainless tubes
place the 3mm x 30mm bolts in both sides and tighten the nuts

Step 3:

wrap pte or capton tap around the body then wrap the ceramic insulation tape with amother layer of pte or capton tape and your done.
next instructable will be on how to build the extruder. and fogive my mispelling i was in a hurry to get it done.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I am not exactly sure what this is, but I am assuming it is a 3D printer part...?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    yes it is the part where the plastic filament is melted and spread on the printer bed.