How to Build a 4 Gig 57 Chevy Micro-machine Usb Flash Drive




Introduction: How to Build a 4 Gig 57 Chevy Micro-machine Usb Flash Drive

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There are a couple of great matchbox/hotwheels flash drive instructables, but as things get smaller so must our pointless case mods!

Step 1: Gather Materials and Disassemble Car

I got a bunch of cars in a lot on ebay for 5$. I bought the 4gig flash drive on ebay from a guy in Hong Kong for $3 (brand new!).
Some of the cars have screws and some of them have pins or rivets. The one I chose had the latter, so I just carefully pried the bottom off with a flathead screwdriver.

Step 2: Trim Inside Car Where Needed

I used a dremel to cut a notch in the back and also to trim down some of the tabs inside the car.

Step 3: Cut Wheels Loose and Add New Front Axle

the flash drive fits perfectly in the body after trimming, but the wheels need to be further apart, so I cut the stock axles.
Tip: cut inside a bag and you wont be looking all over the room for the piece that went flying.
Find a piece of wire as close to the axle diameter as possible (slightly larger).
Keep the wire long and heat the end with a lighter or torch.
While the wire is still hot push it through the front end of the case.
Keep it straight. You might need to pull it back out and reheat then finish pushing it through.
Heat the end of the wire and push on the wheels then trim off the excess wire.

Step 4: Bend Rear Axle and Add Last 2 Wheels

Bend the wire to form rear axle like in the picture.
Try to keep everything straight.
Heat the ends of the wires and push on the last two wheels.
Trim off excess wire.

Step 5: Remove Fender Skirts If Needed

Unfortunately the car I chose has fender skirts so I have to remove them so the wheels fit.
This step should be unnecessary for most models.
Cut and file.

Step 6: Glue It Together and Enjoy!

Glue it all together.
The first one I made I used super glue.
This one I'm going to use hot glue.
That's it.
4 gigs in the trunk of a micro 57 chevy.
The sliding connector keeps it stealth for cruising!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    thats really cool gives me ideas for all the hotwheel cars I have laying around thanks