4-in-1 Hat, Scarf, Fingerless Gloves & Mitten Pocket Combo!




This 4-in-1 combo of a scarf, hat, fingerless gloves and mitten pocket saves space (no need to find a place to put your hat and gloves) and time (no more searching endlessly for that lost glove).  The hat keeps your ears warm so you don’t need earmuffs and has an optional opening for a ponytail.  The scarf keeps your neck warm, plus the slot used to cross the scarf helps keep you from choking yourself.  The best part is the fingerless gloves that are inside of a mitten-like pocket, allowing you to keep your hands warm while having easy access to your fingers (very useful for those with iPhones).  You don't need to take your hand out of the glove - just slide your hand out of the mitten pockets and you're good to go!  An added bonus is the mitten pocket can be used as a normal pocket as well!  This is a fairly simple project and doesn’t require a lot of time or materials. 

Step 1: Materials

You really don't need to many things to make this project.   I used fleece, but you could use any type of material that can stretch a little (which is necessary for the fingerless gloves). I sort of eyeball everything, so I don't even use a ruler to measure anything out.  Here is all that is really needed:

1.  F
leece (I bought 1 yard for $4 and still have a good bit left over)

2.  Scissors

.  Something to mark your cutting and sewing lines with (chalk would probably be best, but since I didn’t have any, I made do with a pencil.  You could also use pieces of masking tape).


5.  Sewing machine (you could technically use a needle and thread for this whole project if you really wanted to and were crazy enough to, but it would take way too much time).

Step 2: Cut Out the Basic Pieces

The whole project  is basically made from 6 rectangular pieces of fleece.

The scarf:  2 long rectangular pieces

1.  Fold a piece of fleece in half and cut out a long strip that is a little wider than the width of your hand.

2.  Cut the strip into a length that is a few inches longer than your entire arm to the middle of your chest.

3.  Cut out another strip the same length.  You now have your two scarf pieces.

The hat:  2 medium rectangular pieces

1.  Take the fleece and wrap it around your head to get the circumference (shown by the red line).

2.  Then lay it down (the red line shows the circumference of your head that you just measured).  Now fold up one edge along the circumference to make a triangle which tells you how wide your rectangle should be and cut it out (along the green lines).

3.  Cut out another piece the same size. You now have your two rectangular hat pieces.

The fingerless gloves: 2 small rectangular pieces.

1.  Fold a piece of fleece in half and cut out a strip that is slightly wider than the width of your four fingers.

2.  Cut the strip into a length that goes from slightly above your wrist to slightly past your knuckles (shown by the green line).

3.  Cut out another strip the same length. You now have two glove pieces.

Step 3: Sew Your Hat

1.  Take one hat piece and sew it together to form a tube (along the yellow dotted line).  Do the same to the second hat piece.

2.  Put on one of the hats with the seam at the back of your head.  Make sure the hat covers your ears.

3.  Pinch the excess fleece on the top of your head and using your marking tool (I used a pencil), sketch out the curve of your head (shown by the red curved line). 

4.  Then make
two marks indicating the width of your neck (shown by the 2 red lines).

5.  Take the hat off and sew along the curve you just marked (sew along the yellow dotted lines) and cut off excess fleece. 

Use the finished hat piece as a template to sew the curve on the second hat piece.

7.  You now have two hats.  Put one hat inside the other, right sides facing, and sew them together (along the yellow dotted line), leaving an opening between the two lines that you marked (the 2 red lines indicating the neck width).

8.  Once done, flip the hat inside out using the opening that was not sewn together.

Step 4: Sew Your Scarf and Fingerless Gloves

For the scarf: 

1.  Lay the two long rectangular pieces together.

2.  Sew one end to connect them (along the yellow dotted lines).  You now have a really long scarf.

For the fingerless gloves:

1.  Lay your hand on the folded rectangle piece and mark where your thumb is (shown by the red lines).

2.  Sew the seams (along the yellow dotted lines), leaving the area for your thumb open (do not sew the thumb opening shut!).

Step 5: Make Your Mitten Pockets

Now it's time to sew your fingerless gloves into the scarf and create your mitten pockets so you can pull your hand out without removing your glove.  This step is easier to do than it sounds.

1.  Fold your scarf in half lengthwise, right sides facing. 

2.  At the ends of the scarf, place your fingerless gloves in the middle with the thumb openings facing the fold of the scarf.  Leave enough space at the end of the scarf for your fingers.

Mark the top of the glove by your wrists (red lines) and cut a slit in the scarf the same width as your glove (the red lines).  Make sure to only cut the top layer, not both sides of the scarf.

Sew the gloves into the slit (along the yellow dotted lines) with right sides facing.  It helps to turn the glove inside out and push it into the slit. 

5.  Find the top of the thumb opening of your fingerless glove (it should be just just below where the glove is sewn into the scarf) and mark just a little bit above it.

Fold the the scarf over at that marked area and cut a slit on the other side of the fold to make your pocket opening.  Make sure to only cut through one side of the scarf.

Do the same to the other end of the scarf to get your other pocket opening.


Step 6: Sew It All Together!

You now have a hat and a scarf with the fingerless gloves already sewn in and the pocket opening already cut out.  It's now time to sew the hat and scarf together!

1.  Place the hat on your unfolded scarf, right sides facing.  Line up the unsewn seam on the hat (the back of the hat) with the seam in the middle of the scarf. 

Fold the scarf up lengthwise again.  When you do this, make sure to completely shove the entire hat (the front of the hat) into the folded scarf.  Keep the unsewn opening of the hat sandwiched between the edge of the scarf.

3.  Sew around the entire scarf edge and right over the sandwiched part of the hat.  This is what connects the scarf and hat together.

4.  At the ends of the scarf, you can either sew a square edge (shown by the blue dotted lines), or as I prefer, a rounded edge (shown by the yellow dotted lines).  The rounded edge makes your scarf ends look more like a mitten. 

You will now have a scarf with a hat bunched up inside of it.  Now use the mitten pocket openings to turn the entire scarf right side out and to pull out the hat.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Make the Interconnecting Scarf Slot:

1.  Put on the hat and pull the scarf in front of you. 

2.  Mark the area where you want your scarf to cross (shown by the red line).

3.  Sew a rectangle around where you marked (sew along the yellow dotted line).

Cut out a slit inside the sewn rectangle.  Make sure to cut through both sides of the scarf.

Optional Ponytail Slot:

1.  If you want to have the ponytail slot, just put the hat on and mark where your ponytail is.

2.  Then take the hat off and sew a rectangle along where you marked (sew along the yellow dotted line).

3.  Cut a slit inside the rectangle that you sewed and you have yourself a ponytail slot opening!

Step 8: Finished 4-in-1 Hat, Scarf, Fingerless Gloves and Mitten Pocket!

You are now the proud owner of a very versatile piece of clothing!  Enjoy keeping your head, ears, neck and hand warm, all while having easy access to your fingers.  This makes it so much easier to use an iPhone.  Just put your hand into the fingerless gloves sewn into the one side of the scarf, and when you need to use your fingers, slip your hand through the pocket opening on the other side of the scarf.  No need to take your hand out of the gloves!  You can also keep your iPhone in the mitten pocket as well (or your keys, or your ID, or anything else you want...it's a pocket after all!).  Plus you’ll never have the hassle of trying to find a place to put your hat or gloves when you take them off.  They’ll just hang around your neck!

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3 years ago

How much would you charge for a few of those?


5 years ago on Introduction

Thank you, exactly what i was looking for my son. Wonderful instructable.


6 years ago on Introduction

Awesome. Most genius. For the pockets, I would add a zipper/button/strings to close the pocket so if I hook it up somewhere whatever is in my pocket won't fall out. And animal ears to the hat. Definitely. And since there's animal ears why no make the pocket-gloves have animal paws too? Love your idea, it would make a wonderful gift.


7 years ago on Introduction

Hello, your idea is great- but I have a disability and I am unable to use my hands to make any hand crafted stuff. Do you make these hat/scarf/mitten/fingerless sets to order by any chance? Or know of anyone that will make one to order?

3 replies

Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

I am going to make one of these for my wife and if it does OK will send pics.of it if you have not got one made yet. Will then give you price of it including shipping if you want one. This would require your measurements that you can do with a tape measure. Go to my profile and send me an answer.


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Hi trogabird,
That would be great! I look forward to seeing your set. By the way, I can't remember if I told you where we live- Ireland, so please let me know the total price. I hope it goes well for you.
Thank you


8 years ago on Introduction

hi i am unable to get any fleece so what is the alternate material you can use?


I love, love, love your instructable. I have a very big head due to me having extremely long, thick hair (past my bottom). I have a problem finding winter hats. They usually slide off my head. The idea of sewing the hat to scarf and mittens will surely eliminate this problem. I also like the hole for the pony tail. Your instructable has now inspired me to make my own and for family. Thank you so much for this instructable.


8 years ago on Introduction

I have actually managed to complete one, and want to make a couple of suggestions.

If you are anywhere near 6 feet in height, you may need closer to 1.5 yards of fabric. I didn't consider the need for the fabric to go around my neck, and will need to add a piece in the middle to make it long enough. Speaking of which, make the hat diameter a good bit more than you think you will need, because it seems to shrink with each addition of stitching.

I really didn't get that the mittens double as the "pockets", for some reason that wasn't clear to me in the original instructions.

The gloves and pocket access also tripped me up. I wasn't clear that the pocket access slit should be on the same side of the scarf as the slit for the glove. I am also still trying to figure out how to get the gloves on right to be in the correct orientation when having the scarf the right way out. I will probably end up putting them on last after I have the scarf the right way around.

But overall, still awesome!


8 years ago on Introduction

Now if the mittens had thumbs, then I could use these while driving. I like it though, and will definitely be picking up some fabric and borrowing a sewing machine over the christmas break.


8 years ago on Introduction

Most excellent! Brilliant idea, great instructions, excellent photos. I'm only a marginal sewer (sewist? sewman?). I sewed clothes for my GI Joe doll...hoping that will see me through! I appreciate the hands-on measuring method....seems like it will be easy to modify and custom fit. Thanks for sharing this with us!


8 years ago on Introduction

I want this badly. I have no discernible sewing ability. I will simply envy you all.


8 years ago on Introduction

Brilliant idea! And really nice instruction, my mother made her own in less than a hour!
Thanks from her ;)