4 in Line




Your children spend too much time in front of the skreen? Than you should pay attention to this game. It's called 4 in line or "FIL". This useful game will be interesting for your children and it will help to developed there memory and attention.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


Cardboard, stationery glue, hot glue, acrylic paint (3 color).


Office knife, brush, pencil, ruler.

Step 2: Glue Two Pieces of Cardboard.

Step 3: We Mark the Details and Cut Them Out Sticking to the Sizes on the Photo

Step 4: Paint the Product (don't Forget That the Chips Must Be of Two Colors: 15 Ones and 15 Others) and Assembling As Shown in the Photo

Step 5: Testing)


The game continues until one of the players place their 4 chips in a row,horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Then we put the pieces into the container and start again!



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