4 Steps to Pair the Ecsem Mini Bluetooth Earbuds With IPhone

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In the thanksgiving day I just bought a iPhone in apple store with the 50$ gift card for my daughter.  She loves it very much. Unfortunately the original earbuds is broken  as dog bite. I just bought a new bluetooth one for her.  The bluetooth earbuds Apple store sold are a little expensive like jawbone Plantronics BOSE. So I choose a cheap stereo one in Amazon : ECSEM® Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Stereo Headphones Headsets, only 20.99.

Step 1: Unbox the Ecsem Bluetooth Earbuds Package

In the product review page I saw some customers complain about the earbuds bluetooth paring. It made me a little worried too. But when I received the package and used for a while. I found it is very simple to pair with iPhone. Follow me to pair with the iphone step by step.

Unbox the Ecsem earbuds out of the package. We can see earbuds, a USB charger, a pair of earhooks and earplugs.

Step 2: Turn the Earbuds On.

It is a little difficult. I found that you must press the top button in 7-10 seconds to make bluetooth earbuds turn on.

When you press the top button , in the first 1-3 secound nothing happened, 3-5 seconds then the red light blinking, if you press less than 5 secound it will be close with the blue light blink once. You must press more than 6 seconds the light will turn to blue/red blink alternately. It means that bluetooth earbuds is open and can be paired with the phone.

Step 3: Pair the ECSEM Bluetooth Earbuds With IPhone.

First open the iphone bluetooth setting. In the iphone desktop you will find "setting" icon. Click it into the setting interface.

Find the "General" bar, click it , then you will find the "bluetooth" bar, click it turn on the "bluetooth" status.  If you bluetooth earbuds is open, you will find the Devices "Ecsem S301" under the bluetooth status. The device status is "Not paired "there. Click it to pair. After paired the earbuds blue light blink 3-5 seconds (with a short beep voice). Then the iPhone bluetooth Device status will turn to "connected".

Step 4: Test the Ecsem Bluetooth Earbuds Function

After that enjoy your wireless music playing and phone calling.

In the amazon product page: "ECSEM Bluetooth earbuds support the belowing function : basic Vol + -, play and pause, Prev and next music, answer the call".  I just tried all the functions. The top button control the "answer the call" (when the calling coming the music pause then notice you to answer the call) , "play and pause". The beside button control "basic Vol + -" "Prev and next music". "The prev and next music" by long pressing the beside button.

Step 5: Turn the Earbuds Off.

Press the top button for about 3-5 seconds, the Ecsem earbuds flash light blink red then closed.



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