4.5m Trainer Kite




Introduction: 4.5m Trainer Kite

I wanted a super small trainer, simple to make. Easy to learn building with this kite. Only two struts.

Grab the files from here, then check out the Kite Sewing Tutorial for the build how-to.

Step 1: Build It.



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    How you can export dxf from surfplan? Do you have a full version of surfplan?

    This might be a stupid question but what kind of fabric should i use? And what kind of thread and stitch? Also, any ideia on where to buy all that stuff? I always have trouble finding supplies for the instructables i really like. It seems that in the U.S. everything is available to anyone but not here. Thanks in advance

    I didn't see the answer above, but I also sped read it.  Are all the files above the same?   I have access to corel draw and adobe illustrators.. I assume if they're all the same I can open up either of these files and print them to my plotter?

    Thanks in advance

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    Can u please help me, could you name a few of the programs that would open the files u give us, cuz then I could actually make a kite.

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    when you build a kite to drag your butt around a lake or beach on a wakeboard (or inline skates on a large blacktop) 4.5 square meters is small, keeps the speed and lifts low so newbes dont disappear over the horizon (unfortnatuly it would take a much bigger kite to get my butt moveing)

    Ah. It wasn't obvious from the text/etc that this was a kite designed to provide motive force, as opposed to one designed for stunt flying, or just fun flying...

    Recently, we've sailed a 100 m2 kite. More on that later...

    Are the dimensions etc. in the dxf files or is the pdf exactly as the other files? Unfortunately, I only have access to autocad2000 and it appears that it can't open those files.

    Try some of the free CAD tools, I'm sure some of them can open the DXFs.

    Sorry to be such a pain.... I've tried Autodesk Trueview 07 and eDrawings 07 (from the solid works website). Neither program will open the dxf files....I get an error like "Invalid or incomplete DXF input -- drawing discarded."

    I opened the dxf files in vim -- and from that I installed surfplan, so now I can view and manipulate the model. But it doesn't seem to give individual panel lengths and such (and the free version can't export to dxf).

    If anyone comes across this, let me know what you used to view the files. I'll keep trying in the meantime (and post what worked for me :P).

    |Slaps forehead|

    I took another look at the surfplan website for the download: http://www.surfplan.com.au/sp/downloads/index.htm

    Handy hint - Install the driver for a HP-GL/2 plotter, and then print the sewing plans to this driver, selecting "print to file". Take the file to a local printing shop, and they can print it out on large paper. No more sticking together thousands of pages!

    So... I guess knowing the actual dimensions are not 100% necessary -- just print out the pattern first, then measure to figure out how much material to acquire :)

    Check out the kite skating video showing kite skating on the beach using off-road skates. Has anyone else tried these?

    I have to say, I've never had any desire to live near an ocean (I am negatively buoyant and don't like saltwater), but you guys' pictures of kite boarding make it seem like it would be almost worth the whole ocean factor.

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