Introduction: Paracord

#1 you can use it as a back up zipper pull

Tie the Paracord to you zipper

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Step 1:

You can use it as fire tinder pull out the inner strands and light them up

Step 2:

You can use them as hand cuffs look at the picture

Step 3:

4. A trip wire tie it to 2 posts. Done
5. A carry strap for pretty much anything
6. A clothes line
7. You can use it to replace your shoe laces
8. Make a signaling device by tiring your bandana and swinging it around
9.a paper towel holder for your work bench just tie it to your work bench
10. Use the inner strands as dental floss
11. You can use the inner strands as fishing line
12.a cast for a broken arm can use Paracord and 3 big sticks to form a tripod by tieing them together at the top.
14. You can use it as a dog leash by tieing it to the collar.
15. You can use it as a makeshift belt can use it as a sunglasses holder
17. String for a bow drill kit
18. Lash anything you want to your pack
19. You can make a snare with it
20. Hang you pack to a tree
21. A temporary gate holder
22. You can use it as a locking device for your chicken coup
23. To secure a garbage can lid
24. A losso
25. A line to tape your shooting targets to
26. You can use it to cut grooves into wood
27. To bundle firewood
28. You can use it to pull a rag through a shotgun to clean it.
29. You can use a long piece for a jump rope
30. You can use one of the inner strands as sewing thread
31. You can make a pistol grip
32. You can make a survival bracelet
33. You can tie a bag closed with Paracord
34. You can make a fishing lure
35. You can make a hammock
36. A silver ware grip
37. You can use it as a rifle grip
38. A rifle carry strap
39.tie a carrot to a tree for rabbit bait
40!!! You can hang a water bottle over you fire to boil water

That's it I hope you enjoyed

Jared101 over and out

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