4017 and 555 Sequencer Synth

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Intro: 4017 and 555 Sequencer Synth

I recently built an 80's-tastic synth using several different circuits. I used a 4017 decade counter, Atari punk console, and a 386 amplifier circuit. This allows me to make some pretty funky jams. I tried to add a tremelo circuit but it didn't go so well.
For the case I used 5mm hobby plywood. I drew up a design and bulit it using brass screws. To make it look really nice, I used a deep mahogany wood stain. I used nice silver knobs from RadioShack and used brass mounting screws for the speakers and the keypad.
****NOTE**** The circuits I included are not mine. Also, pin 10 is connected to the reset and the resistor are in series and those resistors are connected to a pot which takes the place of the first pot in the Atari punk console.



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