405nm Handheld Laser





Introduction: 405nm Handheld Laser

In this Blu-ray laser I use brass fittings and aluminum tube, it was using 3 x 3.6v CR123A rechargeable, using DDL driver.
tail switch was came from scrap varcade video game snap switch., it was perfectly fitted on the aluminum tube, and covered with insulated sticked and paint it with black acrylic epoxy spray paint.



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    From a blu ray player. It can be a broken Blu ray DVD player, because the chances of the diode beign broken is very low

    Like the song. Kinda sounds like the opening to the original Dirty Pair, or another anime from the same time frame. Also sort of like Yu Yu Hakusho. Kind of hard to tell... Regardless, cool laser man. Keep up the good work. ^_^

    Could you give me a link to the schematic to a DDL driver? Has your diode ever broken down? Can you run your laser for more than a minute without damage?

    yes its cool looking, but more instructions please. a video about five minutes long does not show how you put it together. again it does look cool / good though.

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    hey thanks for appreciation, any way for you i will give you the exact idea on how i build it, i have no time to work on actual pics because of my busy schedules. Here it is: 1.) you need a brass fittings (connectors for pipes), 1 or less than an inch diameter, you will use that for heatsink. 2.) you need aluminum tube that will fit when you twist to put it together with the brass fittings. length will vary on 3 RCR123A and the switch you use here. 3.) round toggle switch or round push to "ON" or "OFF" switch will do. 4.) actually i didnt use Aixiz collimator here, i build it with my own scrap, but if you have the Aixiz you can use it as well, put neat aluminum scrap around inside the fittings with your Aixiz in it then try to make it very tight so the heatsink will be effective.(try to make sure to do it with a good to perfect alignment. beam adjustment purpose) 5.) for driver use DDL basic driver (LM317 Based driver), make it smaller so you have more room in your home made host. 6.) 3x RCR123A for you batteries. well thats it. make sense!

    nice, how much did it cost to make and where did you buy the parts

    Sweet! great job! I dont mind the quality, i have dial-up so i didnt need to wait 2hrs for it load like most videos on instructables. (don't worry, im getting fios in the next month)

    anyway i have a new clip coming to post, i wanna let you know that the clip is from the cell phone, cause i dont have any high quality digital cam to capture the true color of the laser, just keep in touch, im working for the clip already...

    thanks for the guys who appreciated my clip, i apologize about the video quality, i try my best to put good outcome to show my work, any way the song title is "the time is now" I dont know whose the artist, but its quite nice to fit what im saying to the clip ive made...

    Too much fluff for an instructable. So it's another laser in a flashlight housing set to some music. The schematics flash by, the image quality is terrible and I don't really learn much from it. Sorry to sound so down on ya.

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    I think he did a good job, he actually used the really cheap power supply from deadal's schematic over at laserpointerforums.com