.410 Gauge Shotshell Keychain

Introduction: .410 Gauge Shotshell Keychain

Easy keychain i made about 3weeks ago

Step 1: What You Need

What you need:

-empty .410 shells
-Little Chain or keyring
-dril or screwdriver 
-9mm casing

Step 2: First

Get 9mm casing and insert in 410 shell for some weight and so you don't bend plastic when cutting shell

Step 3: Cutting

Make a mark about 1/3 of an inch above 9mm then get knife and cut small slot 

Step 4: Making Hole

Get Screw And Drill or Driver (i used sheet metal screw but any will work) then screw into where you cut small slot. once yo make the hole you can file it down to make it smooth

Step 5: Final!!!!

Cut a little above hole and cut top off then put chain in hole attach to key and your done

Step 6: Watch My Other Instructable

Thank You for watching

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    3 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 5

    Nice work dude! I have some of this kind of bullets, sooo...you just give me idea for keychain! It's so simple but so good!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    And Kiteman posted the following question just yesterday....