45lb Takedown Recurve Bow From Scratch





Introduction: 45lb Takedown Recurve Bow From Scratch

   This instructable will be two videos showing how to make a very nice takedown recurve bow from scratch. If you buy one that is professionally made it would normally cost you more than $100. But since you are the type of person who looks at instructables, you should make one yourself if you want one! It will cost much less and be a fun and creative experience.
   It is going to be made from PVC. Before you think "white pipe with a piece of string tied to it" look at the pictures! This is a quality recurve bow. PVC is still on it's way to earning the respect it deserves as a bow material. But if you are willing to give it a try and have an open mind for it I think you will be very pleased by the results it can offer at a low cost. PVC is fairly easy to work with too.
   A bow made this way will shoot 450gn-500gn arrows at 140-145 feet per second. Lighter arrows can be used for even faster arrow speeds. It has a smooth comfortable draw, and the cut to center arrow shelf / sight window helps it shoot as accurately and easily as any recurve bow.

The original video...
   This is a video I had made earlier this year. A few people asked me for a tutorial on how to make this bow so I gave them one.



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    Can anyone tell me what that 10" thing is??? It sounds like "Vidall" or something but what exactly is it??

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    Hi, sorry it took me so long to find this. The two 10" long parts are a 10" long 1" diameter dowel, and a 10" long piece of 1" SCH40 PVC pipe.

    Hey Jaycub! Are you still around here? I want to make this but have a few questions.

    can you also make it for a lefty shooter as well?

    new to archery I am looking for things "I" can make... was looking for pvc quiver ideas and came across this... awesome job and "bookmarked"

    Good idea. I saw a post about draw weight being too much. in my state, the minimum draw weight is 40lbs for big game. 45 would kill an elk.

    I am not sure if I could pull back 45# of weight, is there any way I could change it directly and only pull around 25-30#?

    Hi Jaycub, I am making this bow as a present for my brother. We are both teenagers, so we don't have access to many tools. Is there any alternative for a heatgun or propane heater?I was also wondering and how can I make the limb mold. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you in advance.

    P.S. Also if there is a video on making a limb mold would you please direct me to it, I couldn't find one on the internet.

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    Alternatives for the heater could be any strong heat source, such as a stovetop or a campfire. It is possible to form the limb with no mold by flattening it with a taper between two flat boards (by taper, I mean thicker near the base and thinner at the tip). Then re heat small sections of the pipe and bend it into the S-like shape.

    If you want to make the mold you can do that but it is as much work or more than just making the bow by hand, unless you are planning to run a bow factory in your garage like I was. The limb mold is a 4x4 block of wood cut to be a "side view" of the limb shape. Then you have to make 2 limbs carefully and glue them in to the mold as side-walls and a thickness guides for the mold. Then press 2 limbs in it and make a bow. Study the bow characteristics and make the necessary changes to the mold so the next limbs perform better. Then repeat that until you are happy with the output of the mold. Then you can heat and press like 200 limbs if you want. But for one bow making the mold is not really needed.

    Can you make me one?
    my daughter wants one & I can't make it or afford a store bought one .
    it looks awesome.

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    I am sorry but I do not have the time to accept bow orders right now. The last order I accepted took like 2.5 months before I had time to finish it. This would not cost that much less if I sold one to you than a store bought bow anyway (it costs me about $20 in materials, $15 to ship within USA, and about 6-10 hours of labor).

    I guarantee that unless you have a physical disability it is possible for you to make one, and it doesn't cost that much. This might not be the right method for you, there are many ways to make a bow.

    Is there supposed to be no sound in the video?

    hey were i can find the blueprints to get the limbs curve? or something that helps me in that way

    You could het the base of the mibs and bend them forward or back to increase or decrease the draw weight. Or you can change the length of the limbs. Shorter limbs are stiffer, longer limbs are more flexible.

    Sorry I didn't mean to flag this on it's my first time using this app. This vid is awesome :)

    Hmm. Nice tutorial, and I followed it, but the bow snapped at the base while stringing. The bow limbs seemed awful stiff and I wonder if I didn't press them down thin enough.

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    Snapped at the base of the limb? Strange, I have never had a PVC bow actually break. Is it possible that you scorched the PVC when heating it, or used PVC that was old or had been laying outside? Was it Sch40 water pipe?