4800uF 450VDC Capacitor Charger




All the parts I used to make this came from one thing that I took apart, which was an AF 5000 AC frequency drive. My dad, uncle, and grandpa made the wooden base and I did all the wiring and placing of the components. The first video is before I took the AF 5000 apart and the other one is of the capacitors being discharged, the camera automatically adjusts the noise level but in person it sounds like a gunshot. 



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    Jimmy Proton

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I dont know why its only showing one of the videos and why it takes up the whole screen. If anyone else has this problem and knows how to fix it could you please tell me?

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    Check your embed code for the video. It specifies the size of the player. It is set to 1280x720. Try changing it to 640x360 then it will fit on the page.