「5.2」Superhero Artwork

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Intro: 「5.2」Superhero Artwork


  • Leonardo


  • This is a SuperHero Artwork used to decorate your house. Every pieces of the artwork is a small hero's logo designed by Marvel and DC.
  • 这是一个超级英雄logo的装饰品。融合了漫威和DC里人气英雄的logo。

Score : 5.2

  • Time: 4
  • Difficulty to Gain Materials: 8
  • Complexity: 4
  • Post-processing: 6
  • Knowledge Required: 4

Step 1: Prepare

Required Materials:

  • TAMIYA Different colors spray paints.「TS10、TS36、TS47」
  • Acrylic: 60mm x 60mm
  • Size of frame:220mm x 220mm / Display Area: 180mm x 180mm

Required Equipments:

  • Snapmaker 3IN1 3D printer

Required Software:

  • Snapmaker3D
  • SnapmakerJS

Required Files: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2967712

Step 2: Print the Fixture

3D Prints the fixture. Install it on the CNC/Laser Platform.

Step 3: Post-processing

Spray paint the Acrylic surface.

Step 4: Laser Engraving

Laser engrave the surface.

Use the feature of "Align center to origin" to duplicate the images.

Step 5: Assemble Them

Assemble it.



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