4dof Ps2 Control Arduino Acrylic Robot Arm

About: a shop for diy toy

it base on mearm


1set acrylic arm

1pc arduino uno

2pc ps2

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Step 1: Step 1, Install 4dof Acrylic Arm

if you have laser cutter, you can make yourself.

or you can buy an ARM kit from SINONING , quite cheap

Step 2: Step 2, Make Ps2 Control

two pieces ps2 joystick from SN


1 pieces acrylic plate

Step 3: Step 2, Arduino Shield V5

Step 4: Arduino Code

Step 5: You Can Buy a Full Kit in a Lower Price

you can buy a full kit at a lower price

we have done everything, use this cheap kit, you can do better and fast.

from: 4dof ps2 robot arm kit

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