4th July Independence Day Cupcake Toppers

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The Independence Day is behind the corner so why not make these cute easy to make cupcake toppers! Here are a few 4th July Cupcake toppers ideas that might be just the thing you are looking for! Windmills, tiny confetti, flags and more can also be used for decorating a cake! Happy Independence Day!
Here is the list of tools you will need:

Rolling Pin Knife (Chef’s knife, not the serrated one)

Fondant (Blue, Red & White)

Water Paint Brush (if you don’t have one use a napkin or your fingers)

Toothpicks (FLAG)

Template – 4cm x 10cm (FLAG)



Piping tip (or a tiny round cutter) (ROSETTE)

Scalloped round cutters - 4.5 cm, 5.5 cm & 6.5 cm in diameter (ROSETTE)

Square Cutter - 4 cm or 5 cm in diameter (WINDMILLS)

Bulbous Cone Tool (ROSETTE)

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